Dark Karma Joyce Veranda Gray

ISBN: 9781933967127

Published: June 1st 2007


288 pages


Dark Karma  by  Joyce Veranda Gray

Dark Karma by Joyce Veranda Gray
June 1st 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 288 pages | ISBN: 9781933967127 | 7.26 Mb

The point of the story got rather lost in the juvenille writing style, the horrible editing, which I normally dont pay much attention to unless its so bad that it becomes distracting and the unbelievable characters.

The story is about three people who do wrong to others and are trapped in the body of the person they wronged. They each have to find their way to redemption, and they all have dreams that its out in the desert somewhere. Eventually, these three people run into each other along with a guilt-ridden police officer, and they believe that they all have to go to the desert together to find this redemption.If the author would have given just little snippets of each persons story here and there, it may have flowed better.

Instead, she went on and on for pages and pages about one person, and when she continued with the next person, youd practically forgotten about them.The bad karma message was good, but the writing style was a bit tough to plow through.

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