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Hit Hard  by  Amy J. Fetzer

Hit Hard by Amy J. Fetzer
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IT ONLY TAKES ONE MATCH... Vivi Fiori wondered how the day could have gotten so bad so fast. One minute, shes on a train moving through the Thai countryside, a precious archeological artifact in her hands- the next, shes being chased through the jungle by the Thai mafia with some hardcore American marine right behind her, shouting orders like she should be grateful for his macho interference. What Vivi needs is to get to her contact in Bangkok-warm shower, nice hotel, girly clothes, no dead bodies or sexy armed Marines. Her practical side is telling her to run like hell. Then again, her practical side never met a guy like Sam Wyatt...

...TO START AN UNCONTROLLABLE FIRE Sam has a mission-follow a trail of stolen diamonds, hoping it will lead him to the weapons sale he needs to stop. Finding the terrorists who took down his buddy will be the icing on the cake. But now, hes stuck babysitting a curvy, talk-a-mile-a-minute redhead whos hell-bent on playing Indiana Jones with her piece of Thai history. He cant just abandon her to the snakes, the crocs, the Mafia, and whatever else is out there. She wouldnt last ten seconds. And he cant deny that everything about her stirs a deep hunger in him-or that the power of their attraction is so electric he knows he can never really let her go.

Now, protecting Vivi is his new mission-his most dangerous yet-and one that will lead them both to a deadly threat beyond all imagining...

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